Which Bacon?

You know, I figured I'd better pimp my go-to brand of bacon.

While I'm always looking for new and awesome types of bacon, I do have one brand that I will buy for my day-to-day needs.  That brand is Wright Brand Bacon.

I just find Wright to be a consistently good bacon. It's perfectly smoked and has a bit thicker cut without being too thick. It bakes, wraps, weaves and grills beautifully.

Yeah, it is a bit more expensive. I think my supermarket sells it for around $9 for the 24oz size. "Regular" bacon is around $5 for a pound, so it's really not that bad. And... the package is resealable!

And it's worth it. Trust your Bacon Goddess.

Anyway, there's the pimpage for my brand of choice!

Go give their wonderfully fun website a visit or like them on the Facebook, they're very interactive with their fans!

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