Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bacon Fashion

No, it's just a joke gift box from Archie McPhee.  If only.
Okay baconistas, let's talk fashion.

The photo of the bra made out of uncooked bacon wanders around the internet, and people have see Gaga's meat dress, but wearing real meat is kind of gross. I mean, it'll leave slimy trails of fat all over you and stain anything you sit on.  Makes a great statement, but just not practical.

So what can the bacon lover wear to show off their love for meat candy?

Well, I've collected a bunch of nifty bacon fashions here for you to select from.  You can choose one piece to accent your wardrobe or go hog wild and build a head-to-toe bacon outfit!

Let's start with what should be a staple in any bacon lover's wardrobe - the Baconista t-shirt from Bacon Freak!  I love this shirt.  It comes in black, blue and pink in both a men's t-shirt and a  women's t-shirt for $15.95 and $17, respectively. The design is simple, yet really really cool and leaves no doubt as to how you feel about bacon.

Bacon Freak has a LOT of t-shirts, by the way.  And hoodies.  And tank tops.  And aprons.  They're definitely worth taking a look at if you want to show your love for bacon with a clothing choice.

Moving on down, we find some awesome men's bacon print pajama pants and the women's version as well  from Ginch Gonch.  These are really cool!  They're also on sale right now for $19.50 for men's and $18 for women's (regular price is over $30, so you might want to grab some now). Personally, I wish they came in more colors - I would totally rock a black pair - but the light blue/turquoise is still a good choice for showing off the bacon print.

Of course, if you want to be a REAL baconista and not some poser who is only half-bacony, you NEED to be completely bacon-upped.  The way you do this is with bacon underwear!

If you like the bacon pajama pants, you'll love the bacon boxers! Ginch Gonch offers both men's boxers and  women's boxers in this print, also on sale for $13 and $11.50, respectively.

These briefs are also from Ginch Gonch.  They're part of the "I Love Bacon" line and they are really really cool.  They come in both a men's sports brief and a women's version, and are sure to make people smile.  Well, any people who would get to see you in your undies, that is.  They're $32 and $27, respectively, and actually might be worth that price based on sheer awesomeness.

Next, you'll need to bacon-ify your feet.  This is mandatory.  But you might ask, "How do I do this, Bacon Goddess?"

Well, I'm here to tell you.

Bacon socks.  Bacon shoes.  See, that wasn't so hard, was it?

These are bacon knee high socks from Sock Dreams.  Sock Dreams is only the best sock store in the entire universe.  If you love socks you should shop there often.  These are classic knee high crew socks with the word "BACON" emblazoned up the side.  Straight and to the point.  They're $10 and Sock Dreams has free shipping to the U.S.  I may or may not have a pair on the way to me in the mail right now.

These next socks are sold as cycling/running socks and I like them just a little bit better than the ones above.  Because the pig has "X"es over its eyes and it has the word "mmmm" printed on the instep.  Yeah, this is one classy sock from The Sock Guy for $8.99.

Okay, bacon shoes. Yes, they exist.  Yes, they look amazing in the photos. But there's a problem. They're made by Zazzle.

Zazzle is a print-on-demand company notorious for low quality transfer prints that fade very quickly and just don't have the vibrant colors you'd expect from other printing methods.  I've personally seen three Zazzle t-shirts and a few coffee mugs that looked really bad. At $60 for a pair of these shoes, that's something you're going to have to decide on for yourself. I know that personally I would not risk it, regardless of how awesome they look in the pictures.  They are Keds, though, and that's a good brand.  But will it hold the color/vibrance of the print? I don't know. If anyone has purchased these, please comment and tell me what you think.

Time to accessorize!

Your neck needs bacon!  It's winter in the Northern hemisphere and it's time for a bacon-n-eggs scarf!  This looks most excellent... and warm and snuggly.  At $59, it's kind of pricey, but it looks handmade.

If you want REALLY handmade, for $57 you can have a hand painted silk bacon scarf by seller crrysstall on Etsy. This is a simply beautiful piece of art.

Of course, if you're a corporate type, you must have the tie.  Oh, have you seen the tie?  It rules. I would buy this bacon tie for my husband at $17.95 in three seconds flat... if I thought he'd ever wear it. Once again, I'm not quite sure about the quality of the printing.  There's something about it that makes me suspicious.  But at eighteen bucks, it wouldn't be that much of a loss if it turned out to be kind of crappy.

There you have it, bacon from head to toe!

And now, I must leave you for the evening.  I know this because my bacon watch tells me so!

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