Random Bacon Roundup

Occasionally I find cool bacon news/stuff and don't want to do a full review or article on it, so I've decided to do a weekly (?) roundup of the weird and/or wonderful things I find on these internets relating to bacon.

Pepper. Bacon. Doritos. Twists.
You can buy "Japanese Snack Treat" right here.

Bacon habenero infused vodka.
Brandon Matzek at kitchenkonfidence.com will teach you to make this!

I saw this awesome photo of bacon nail polish and tracked it down to The Daily Nail. This was actually Day 28 in her 365 days of nail art project a few years back.  So cool.  I would totally lick them all day, though.

Beer and Bacon Mancakes.
Yes, they called them "mancakes".  It's a Betty Crocker recipe!  Getting a bit daring in your old age there, aren't you, Betty?  The link takes you to the video - the recipe link is below that.

Yes, I was saving the best for last...

This is the most awesome thing ever.  And Booturtle is the most awesome wife ever for making this for her husband!  I think I have a girl crush on her... even if she IS a vegetarian.

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