Baconnection - The App for Bacon Lovers!

What's this?

An app for bacon lovers?

But only for Android?

Damn it!

(The Bacon Goddess enjoys iGadgets and uses a crappy old flip phone. *frowny face*)

Baconnection is available on the Android market right now and it looks like so much fun!  I will hope that they develop it for iPad sometime in the future.

So... what does it do?  I DON'T KNOW BECAUSE IT'S NOT ON ITUNES!

But the website tells us that it's recipes, trivia and a game:

We've assembled an incredible variety of recipes with bacon in them, from bacon soups to bacon salad, bacon wrapped treats to bacon wrapped meals, bacon burgers to bacon pasta, even bacon with chocolate. No matter how much you already love bacon, you'll discover new ways to cook bacon and new ways to make bacon delicious.

Bacon Bits lets you snack on bite-size trivia quizzes. You won't believe how many fun bacon facts you'll find out.

You've never enjoyed bacon like this before. Baconnection™ is a fun new riff on a familiar game, challenging you to make "Baconnections™" between the unlikeliest ingredients and bacon. Can you link from guacamole to bacon in six recipes or less? How about scotch? Mahi mahi? The higher your score, the cleverer your connections, and the faster you fly, the more likely you are to win fun badges. Can you become a Baconnoisseur?

And it's only 99 cents.

Yes, iPad version, please!

Well what do you know? I posted on Baconnection's Facebook wall asking after an iTunes version and they responded nigh immediately!  Look!  Look!
As luck would have it dear Bacon Goddess, an iPhone version is on it's way and should be available the second week of May. We'll be sure to post on our fan page once we've got final approval to go live in the iTunes store! Stay tuned!


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